This Navratri, dance to ‘Gujarat Ma Aavshe Kejriwal’

Gujarat Ma Aavshe Kejriwal

You can trust the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to come up with a catchy tune for their election campaigns. Remember Paanch Saal Kejriwal, which we heard on every street in Delhi during the elections? Well, now that Arvind Kejriwal is eyeing Gujarat, AAP has a special song for its Gujarat assembly poll campaign too.

With the festival of Navratri about to kick-start in two days, garba rehearsals are on in full swing in Gujarat. And one garba song that is going viral is Gujarat Ma Aavshe Kejriwal, to which youngsters are doing garba while sporting the signature AAP cap.

The song has been strategically released only few days before the nine nights of revelry begin, so that it hits the right chords with youngsters. Kejriwal is going to visit Gujarat on 16th October, and one can expect this song to be played during his visit too!

Watch youngsters practicing garba to the song here.

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