Stay ‘Befikar’, this rapper says to women. And here’s why!

Attending nature’s call in the fields at night, two teenage girls were abducted, raped and then hanged from a tree. This is the horrific story of the Badaun gang rape that hit the national headlines last year.

But the gory double murder was not the first such instance. The shocking truth is that in 2012  ‘sanitation-related’ sexual assaults accounted for nearly half of the 870 rape cases in the state of Bihar alone. The national statistics are very likely higher. The dangers posed to women have been highlighted in an on-going campaign entitled ‘700 Steps Se 7 Kadam’.

Pointing out the slow response of our judiciary , a political system that doesn’t deliver on its promises, and a society that does little to help women but is quick to critique and shame them, Pepper Media‘s Nupur Jha aka Femcee Evil feels that women may soon lose their patience. What choices do women have? Do peaceful warnings work? Tune into this recent Hindi rap number, Befikar!