This unmanned shop in Bangalore lets people pay what they can

Image Courtesy: bambaiyaveggie

There’s a shop at the Bharat Golf View Apartments on Old Airport Road in Bangalore that has no shop keeper. The customer can simply pick up a product and drop the money in the piggy bank attached to the store. There are no restrictions on the amount that can be deposited. The customer is also allowed to pick up the product and pay latter.
The ‘Trust Shop’ is open 24×7 and is replenished with supplies everyday. It is the brainchild of P C Mustafa—founder of iD Fresh Food that deals with ready to eat food. As the name suggests, the shop is completely based on ‘consumer trust’ and not monitored by cameras or watchmen. Products available in the store include chapatis, malabar parottas and idli/dosa batter.
Image Courtesy:  economictimes
Image Courtesy: economictimes
Speaking about the shop, Mustafa said, “When we went to apartment associations with this concept, there was skepticism and disbelief. But post installation, residents have taken to it and given us positive feedback on how the Trust Shop is a reminder of a value that seems to have been lost in today’s world. It’s also convenient since they have 24×7 access to fresh food.”

According to Mustafa, customers pay the exact price of the product almost always and even more sometimes. The company has reportedly set-up 17 such shops across Bangalore and will also launch them in Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai. 

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