To err is human. But to Tamil superstar Vijay, Chairman Mao is Russian!

Image Courtesy: filmibeat

The audio launch of the upcoming Tamil film Theri, starring Vijay, was going spectacularly well—several celebrities from the Tamil fraternity and screaming fans turned up at the event. However, things turned a little comical when Vijay stepped on to the dais to deliver a speech.

Vijay started off being the good old himself—all humble, praised his co-stars and the fans and even narrated an interesting quote by Mao Zedung. But he mistook Mao—a Chinese revolutionary and the founder of People’s Republic of China—for a Russian leader. The fans at the venue chose to remain silent about this big slip up, but social media was not so friendly.

People trolled the actor and compared his general knowledge with that of Rahul Gandhi’s. They even asked him to stay with romancing actresses.

Vijay later apologized for the rather embarrassing mix-up. Theri—easily one of the most  anticipated Tamil films of the year—will hit the theatres on 14 April.