Trendwatch: Grey is the new brown, burgundy and blonde

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The appearance of the first grey streaks makes women go into a serious depression, right? No more, because, guess what, grey is the new hot hair colour to sport.

The stars show the way

If Lady Gaga sports it, then it’s a global style, no doubt about that.  All over grey was her look at the recent Grammy Awards. Hollywood stars like Hillary Duff have also dabbled in grey hair.

A few shades of grey

Celebs have also worked out ways to add a bit of grey to their hairstyling. Rihanna made a big splash recently in a silver-hued ponytail.

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Silver-toned hair is such a big trend, it’s even got its own hashtag. There have been debates around it, too, with some Twitterati saying silver streaks have to be earned, not applied from a bottle.

Respite from colouring

While young stylistas are bleaching and colouring their hair grey, the trend certainly takes away the pain of colouring their hair for women who are going grey and want to embrace the trend.

Bollywood style meter

B-Town is quick to pick up trends from Hollywood. So, will we be seeing Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Shraddha Kapoor adding a few silver streaks to their mane, we wonder…