TV channel debate in Kerala turns ugly, ministers among several injured

Image Courtesy: Folomojo

An election debate progrmme organized by a private news channel turned ugly as supporters of the parties assaulted each other and the candidates representing their parties.

According to reports in The New Indian Express, the incident took place around 4.30 p. m. at Sankaramangalam Junction in Chavara.

RSP leader and the labour minister of the state Shibu Baby John and CMP’s candidate in the constituency N. Vijayan Pillai were injured in the attack.

According to a report in The New Indian Express, Shibu was treated for a minor injury to his right hand at the Karunagapally Valiyath Institute of Medical Sciences and Vijayan Pillai was admitted to Karunagapally Taluk Hospital with ‘serious injuries’.

Shibu Baby John told The New Indian Express that the CPM-CMP supporters initiated the brawl. He added that the Left supporters came to debate with an intention to interrupt him.

“Each time I started speaking, they interrupted and tried to create a scene. It was during this time that the issue relating to potable water was raised for discussion. While I was speaking, someone hurled a plastic chair in my direction, which was immediately followed by two stones. Though I could duck from the stone directed at my head, I was hit by the next and it made a minor injury to my right hand,” Shibu told The New Indian Express.

On the other hand, N. Vijayan Pillai in a statement alleged that UDF candidate Sibhu initiated the brawl as he threw a plastic chair and walked away from the debate.

“After Shibu walked off from the stage, RSP supporters rushed towards me and resorted to physical assault. Our demand is that the Election Commission should intervene in this,” said Vijayan Pillai.

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