Twitter goes mad about Government’s decision to ban NDTV for a Day

Image Courtesy: indianexpress

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered Hindi news channel NDTV India to shut down on November 9, for it’s coverage on the Pathankot attacks in January of this year. Don’t worry, it’s not a permanent thing, it’s just for 24 hours.

The government imposed this punishment to the news channel for revealing strategically sensitive details in it’s live broadcast.

NDTV India allegedly revealed sensitive information about the ammunition stockpile, fighter planes, rocket launchers, mortars, fuel tanks, etc while the counter-terrorist operations were going on.    

According to a PTI report the committee was concerned that NDTV leaked crucial information that could have potentially been used by terrorists, leading to the national security being compromised.

Outraged by the order NDTV issued a statement stating, “ The order of the MIB has been received. It is shocking that NDTV has been singled out in this manner. Every channel and newspaper had similar coverage. In fact NDTV’s coverage was particularly balanced. After the dark days of the emergency when the press was fettered, it is extraordinary that NDTV is being proceeded against in this manner. NDTV is examining all options in this matter.”

People took to twitter to express their discontent towards the ban:

Not everyone is against the decision: