Uber breathalyser booths now in Mumbai’s pubs and bars

Image courtesy: Huffingtonpost

Pub crawlers in Mumbai now have a sure-shot way to know whether they are legally fit to drive—which may prevent them from testing their luck at police check-posts. Uber has partnered with Mumbai’s traffic police department to set up breath analyzer booths at bars and pubs in the city.

The Uber Breathalyser will analyse a person’s breath and flash red if the alcohol percentage in the person’s blood is higher than the legal limit and flash green if it is safe for the person to drive.

If the reading is higher than the limit the Breathalyser will also prompt a message on the screen to help the person book a cab.

One such booth has already been set up at Nook, a nightclub at the Phoenix Market City in Kurla. More such booths will soon follow.

Uber had already set up such booths in several parts of the world in 2015. The machine dispenses disposable straws for each user making the exercise hygienic.

Mumbai’s traffic police department has actively been spreading awareness about the dangers of drunk driving through a series of campaigns over the years. Despite all the efforts, it is reported that the number of DUI cases had significantly increased in Mumbai in 2015 compared with 2014. Perhaps these booths can help bring the numbers down.

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