Usain Bolt shuts-up haters by posting his vacation pictures with his girlfriend

Image courtesy: Kasi Bennett/Instagram

Following the ‘triple triple’ in Rio Olympics, world’s fastest man Usain Bolt faced severe criticism in an alleged sex scandal as his pictures with multiple females went viral in internet.

There were also reports of Bolt found in many compromising situations with other women in Rio. A widow of an infamous drug-lord Jady Duarte and a another female at a nightclub were associated with the athlete in the stories.

Unshaken by all the ‘trash talk’ against him, Bolt has come out in public swearing his fidelity towards his longtime girl friend Kasi Bennett.

Based on Bolt’s pictures with other females, people had turned judgmental in calling him a ‘cheat’.

If you believe what you read, then you don’t know us. ????@Kasi.b

A photo posted by Usain St.Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) on

All that matters ⚡️

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Image courtesy: Kasi Bennett/Instagram
Image courtesy: Kasi Bennett/Instagram

Presently Kasi and Bolt are are holidaying in South Pacific’s French island of Bora Bora and posting a lot of intimate pictures celebrating their relationship.

“If you believe what you read, then you don’t know us…” Bolt posted in Instagram tagging Kasi in the post.

There have been stories speculating Bolt’splans to settle down with Kasi, however, there is confirmation form the duo regarding the matter. Certain reports stated that the story was a cooked-up story.

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