Video showing satanic human sacrifice at CERN freaks out the world!

Image courtesy: CERN1

Viral video which appears to be shot at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN, showing a group people clad in black robes with hoods and making a human sacrifice in front of a Shiva statue creeps out the internet and the world.

However the spokesperson of the organisation stated that it is a work of fiction and that an investigation has been launched.

The mysterious video of people making a human sacrifice in front of a Shiva statue at the CERN campus was posted on YouTube a week ago.

CERN in Geneva, houses the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and is the largest particle accelerator physics laboratory in the world. The primary goal of the facility is to provide infrastructure needed for high-energy physics research.

Though it has been called out to be a prank, it was confirmed that it was shot at the CERN campus. Deity Shiva’s statue at CERN, in his Nataraja pose (Shiva as the cosmic dancer) was donated to the facility by Indian government in 2004 as a memento to honor the years of research relations.

Image courtesy: CERN

In the video it appears that the cloaked figures are performing the occult tradition of ‘satanic human sacrifice’ at CERN’s courtyard.

A girl in white clothing seems to be willingly the part of the ‘ritual’ and she is stabbed in the chest by one of the fellows in black robes.

“This video is a work of fiction. CERN fills up with visitors over summer, with users from across the world who come to CERN as part of their work, and some of whom occasionally let their sense of humour go too far.

That is what has happened on this occasion. CERN does not condone this kind of spoof,” the facility’s spokesperson was quoted by The Mirror.

However, given the high security nature of the facility, possibility of people in the video could be insiders cannot be ruled out. It is almost impossible for outsiders to infiltrate into CERN’s campus in Geneva.

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