Video: VR Drone Racing is the sport of the future

Watching race cars burn some rubber on the tracks can be an exhilarating experience, but what if the tracks were somewhere mid-air and the cars were flying drones? Here’s to a completely new sport that offers an immersive racing experience unlike anything else—cheers! 

And full credit to Drone Racing League or DRL for bringing the sport to light! The sport has pilots flying drones with a virtual reality headset and a controller. The system ensures that all drones are equally powerful to make the playing fields level. These unmanned flying machines can fly at about 100 miles an hour. The pilot maneuvers them using a live feed that is sent from a mounted camera on the drone to the VR headset. Here’s the best part—even the audience can watch the race in POV! 

According to a post on DRL’s blog, “At first it’s a disorienting experience. There’s the initial embarrassment while you sit on the ground wearing video goggles unaware of your surroundings or the public. The video feed from the drone will have some static and isn’t your typical HD picture. Seeing yourself from the aircraft in the sky for the first time is confusing and your body moves around when the drone turns. The controls don’t perform like xBox or video games.

But after some time you start to forget who is who. It starts to feel natural. You forget the static, you forget you’re on the ground, you forget about your body. You fly.”

You can follow DRL here.

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