Viral: George Takei subtly trolls Donald Trump on Facebook

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George Takei, the American actor and activist best known for his role as Sulu in the television series Star Trek, in his recent Facebook post took a ‘subtle’ dig at the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Takei uses American football analogies and talks about a ‘wannabe football coach’ trying to replace a retiring coach. Though the post does not mention any names, it is safe to assume that the retiring coach is President Obama, whose 2nd term will end soon, and the ‘wannabe coach’ is in fact Donald Trump.

This isn’t the first time that Takei has picked on Trump. Earlier this March, he wrote a speech impersonating the GOP front runner.

If anything, Takei should be proud of this ‘subtle attack’. And guess what? He is! And he makes no attempt to hide it whatsoever.

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