What most Delhiites ‘really’ do on weekends! (It’s not what you think)

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Delhi, the capital of India has a rich history. Guests are constantly awed by the stunning contrast of innovation and the remnants of the past. It has the perfect balance of mosques, strongholds, greenery enclosures of Mughal periods, commercial complexes etc. Also, the best places where you will locate the multicultural Delhi are the markets, blah-blah-blah!

You must have these details and more about the city but have you ever read something about those who live here?

Apart from the weird accent we are rumored to have and the extravagant lifestyles (massive shopping sprees and late night clubbing included) we are often accused of showing off, Delhiites have a different side to themselves and you got to experience it once or become friends with one of us to know of it!

But till then, let’s break some notions and give you a sneak peek into the weekend lives of the common Delhi – man.

1. Have fun at the ‘early morning’ Raahgiri

Image courtesy: www.facebook.com/aahgiri Day, New Delhi
Image courtesy: www.facebook.com/Raahgiri Day, New Delhi

Wake up super early to attend Raahgiri- a cause supported by the Times of India. After all, who doesn’t mind a bit of early morning fun activities with their families with a promise of a healthy future?

Raahgiri exhorts you to walk, cycle, dance, take the public transport and engage in varied other activities as a community, to show your support for a clean city. If you are in the city for the weekend, make sure you experience this at least once.

2. Show some love for history

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Delhiites won’t mind spending time discovering the Mughal tombs and enticing craftsmanship, old-fashioned buildings and design boutiques. There are so many interesting areas in Delhi which are perfect for sunday dusks like Hauz Khas Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Lodi Garden, Mughal Garden and so forth.

The best part? These areas are surrounded by some of the finest (and pocket friendly) cafes to hog at!

3. Make sure all theaters run houseful  

Image source:iStock
Image source:iStock

Movies have a forceful influence on Delhiites! Well, most of them at least. We not only love Bollywood, but we love copying and daydreaming about it. The most common place for us to hang out with friends, most of our theaters run into housefuls over the weekend.

4. Wander around aimlessly at C.P

Image source: iStock.com
Image source: iStock.com

When it started to exist, the sprawling Circular sector was the biggest of its kind in India. Delhi’s heart, Connaught Place is a perfect place to take a stroll and shop, if you’re up for it!

Unlike the common notion of Delhiites swarming the place for shopping at the big  brands, most of us actually go there to enjoy the structural beauty, chill out with friends at the Central Park or simply go for a meal at the cafes.

5. Wind up at India Gate for late night strolls and ice-cream

Image source: iStock.com
Image source: iStock.com

Not sure if you’re aware of the fact that we don’t really end up getting buzzed or dancing away to glory at pubs on weekends. We more often than not have a simple day out with friends and family at some of our favorite places.

One of our all-time late night favorite things to do is driving up to India Gate, taking a stroll in the gardens (non-messy picnics suggested) or just stopping over for ice-cream, while remaining awestruck by the beauty of it!


Well, here’s another thing you didn’t know. We often tend to stay indoors to beat the heat and entertain ourselves with a huge mug of cold coffee and a good read, or by organizing a get-together.

After all, we are known for being party animals; where we go can always be our not-so-secret-now choice!

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