When Twinkle found Arnab more offensive than AIB!

Image source: IANS

Twinkle Khanna has emerged as a somewhat unlikely champion for freedom of expression, coming out with a reasonably reasoned defense of AIB Roast.

Her ire, largely revolves around ‘choosing which battles are worth fighting’.

Calling the police complaints filed against the Roast frivolous, when so many other larger issues (worth fighting) are pushed under the carpet.

Among the wasted energies, she cites the brouhaha over PM Modi’s suit, over Obama’s chewing gum and over Kiran Bedi.

This even while the issues of multi-crore statues (waste of public money), the ‘haramzade’ comment of a minister, and crimes of the perpetrators of the Rohtak rape remain in the milder shadows.

But one of her snidest asides has been surprisingly reserved for Arnab Gaswami!

“If I had to be offended by a live show I would rather be offended by Arnab who invites people on his show and then doesn’t let them speak”, Twinkle thunders.

Ripping into Arnab for ‘bad manners”, she compares the AIB Roast favourably to the anchor (“They at least let you have your say”).

Clearly for Twinkle, the battle against Arnab is a “battle worth fighting”!

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