Why did Kamal agree to host Tamil Bigg Boss?

Image Credit: tamilnaducentral.com

The Tamil version of the reality show attracted attention mainly because of its host – Kamal Haasan. As outspoken as always, he’s said he’s doing it mostly for the money.

The promos for Bigg Boss in Tamil generated enough excitement for one reason: the show’s host Kamal Haasan. For fans of his consummate acting talents it wasn’t easy to stomach the fact that he was hosting this particular reality show. Still, it was Kamal’s first small screen engagement and there was much anticipation surrounding Bigg Boss in Tamil.

The first episode aired on Sunday and didn’t make the sort of impact it was expected to. The participants in the show are actors Sri, Anuya, Vyapuri, Gayatri Raghuram, Bharani, Raiza Wilson, Snehan, Oviya, Harathi, Aarav, Ganja Karupu, Ganesh Venkatraman, Shakti Vasu and Namitha. Julie, who acquired fame during the Jallikattu row, is the only non-actor in the group. The participants will be confined to a house for 100 days, completely cut off from the rest of the world. Every week, Kamal will visit the house and eliminate one participant.

As for Kamal, he’s said he accepted the offer to host the show because of the reach it has. “I would say that it is the demography of the audience and the numbers of people you can reach that made me take this,” he said in an interview. “And, of course, the money you get also matters. I am in this business for the money, and I won’t be doing films for free. What also matters is that television’s reach is fantastic because in the case of movies, you have to sell tickets, etc. So, for me, the more the merrier. Both the audience and the money is good.” That’s Kamal being super honest for you!