Why did Uber CEO Travis Kalanick come down to Kerala to write code?

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Image courtesy: wikimedia

The picturesque Varkala beach near Trivandrum would seem the perfect spot to pick, if you’re a tourist taking in the sights. But why would one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world today head there with a computer? Why would he want to sit there and write code?

There couldn’t be a simpler answer to this one – why did he do it? Because he could. A staunch supporter of chasing the impossible as an entrepreneur, he believes that a physical location, like anything else, need no longer act as a barrier to getting work done. In fact, given an option of working from any location (including one of the best beaches in the world), why should one choose not to?


It was reportedly in January 2008, that Travis and a few others headed to Varkala beach and the Kerala backwaters after an event at Bangalore. They loved the experience, and spent several weeks there, writing code. Their focus had always been on improving productivity, and also saving on the office lease in the process. If all this could be accomplished while at a beach, wny not?
We certainly agree with Travis’s work philosophy. After all, look at where it has gotten him to!

Today, Uber is valued at over 60 billion dollars, making it the world’s biggest privately held company.

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