Why DTCs are Delhi’s lifeline!

Image courtesy: wikimedia.org

Delhi, the city that is constantly buzzing with activity – people are forever running from pillar to post to get their job done. Be it the metros or the DTCs, they have been the lifeline of such commuters for years now.

Delhi Transport Corporation, popularly known as DTC, has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons – driver’s rash driving, no seating, ill-mannered commuters, etc. But let’s be honest here for a minute, they’re all not entirely true and the city’s population is still undeniably dependent on this mode of transport.

DTCs have been effortlessly running their services throughout the city for quite sometime now and the best part of it all, it has seen crowds from all walks of life.

Image courtesy: wikimedia.org
Image courtesy: wikimedia.org

Curious to know why we call it the lifeline of Delhi?

1. Fare that is always fair

DTC ride charges are bare minimum and hence, continue to be the first choice of daily commuters. With non-AC and AC bus charges never crossing INR 30, these buses are by far the most cost-saving means of transportation available.

2. Always oh-so clean

Keeping in mind the weather, the number of people that hop on and off these buses, etc, these buses are remarkably clean. Considering that this is a government run facility, the city staff makes sure they keep a good name! You never really have to bother about stepping on some trash or sitting on a dirty seat, even while travelling in these buses at peak hours.

3. More than just efficient 

DTC buses are known for their frequency and efficiency – the primary reason why most office goers and students opt for this mode of transportation. Even if you miss the bus that you were planning to take, you’ll definitely find another in less than 10 minutes.

Image courtesy: delhi.gov.in
Image courtesy: delhi.gov.in

4. Cordial enough staff 

Unlike common rumors, the DTC staff is pretty cordial – they might not be the friendly ones you meet in luxury buses, but they definitely know how to do their job right.

5. Extra advantages

If you’re a woman, an old age citizen or a young kid, the DTCs have special seats reserved for you; solving the problem of being pushed around by the crowd.

If you’re planning to take a DTC to make a quick trip within the city, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always check the route you want to take till the destination and make a note of the bus numbers.
  • Ensure you have a ticket before boarding the bus, the reverse might just end up in an embarrassing episode with the collector.
  • Never try and board these buses when they’re moving, you never know when they pick up speed.
  • If you’re travelling in the low floor buses, keep your distance from the automatic doors for safety reasons.
  • Rain-check on all your personal belongings while boarding, during the journey and after getting off the bus.
  • If you’re not sure of the route, always opt for a place close to the conductor/ driver. They are the best guides for the city!

Happy journey! :)

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