Why Kangana Welcomes Constructive Criticisms But Can’t Tolerate Bullying

Image Credits : Miss Malini

National Award Winning actress Kangana Ranaut took jabs at people who were mocking her accent and dressing sense. The ‘Rangoon’ actress who always had strong opinions and viewpoint on issues concerning the silver screen as well the society, revealed in an interview (IANS) that she can’t tolerate bullying.

“If it’s constructive, it will definitely be something that will add to me and my growth, but if it’s just some sort of mocking or bullying, that’s not criticism… That’s just bullying. I will definitely not tolerate that,” Kangana said.

According to her, when we put an issue forward or a matter that needs discussion and consideration, the main agenda is to put light on that and not us. “Unfortunately, sometimes that spotlight falls on us rather than on the matter,” she added.

The ‘Queen’ actress also said “Every single day has added to my growth. Every single success and failure has been a part of this huge journey. Today I feel very strong, competent and independent as an individual.”

Kangana’s latest film ‘Rangoon’ has been released and has geared a great run. The actress feels that the cinema too is to some extent responsible for the wave of feminism.