Why you need Nimboo Shakthi in cleaning

Image Courtesy: beautyhealth

Lemons are such versatile fruits, used for various culinary and no culinary purposes. It is of course  best known for its juice. But it’s not unusual that lemons are used in cleaning agents, medicines and black magic might we add.

Lemons are are sour to taste aren’t they? This is because our tongues interpret the citric acid content in the fruit as being sour. They are quite acidic in nature – in fact more than oranges and black coffee, which is what makes them such great cleaning agents.

They are great in removing stains caused by other acids and can also be combined with other alkaline compounds to create powerful chemical reactions.

Many of the stains on clothes, like coffee, wine, sweat are acidic in nature. Since like dissolves like, you need a acidic-water based solution to remove these stains. Conveniently enough, lemon with it’s citric acid is a great candidate for this.

Talking about stains, have you seen those nasty white stains left by water on sinks and toilets, they never wash off do they? These are basically alkaline stains that can also be removed with lemon juice.

Lemon’s acidity also scores a win when dealing with odors. Rotten vegetables, fish smells are alkaline, naturally, introducing acidity neutralizes the odor.

Lemon with salt as a sidekick can defeat the villainous rust that attacks iron and steel. So you can see lemon is such a great cleaner, no wonder detergent ads regularly say they are armed with “Nimboo Shakthi”.  

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