Why you should be using vegetable hair dyes ?

Image Courtesy: clinicspots

A lot of people use chemical-based hair dyes, even if they are well aware of the damaging chemicals that are in them. Isn’t it just better to use a more natural alternative that can actually give your hair an extra benefits, apart the obvious color change?

Vegetable hair dyes are a safe alternative compared to a regular dye. Besides not damaging you hair, they give it an extra health boost. To start things off, they are a safe option for people who are allergic to chemical hair dyes.

Vegetable hair dyes do not alter the structure of your hair like the usual dyes do? It is well proven that chemical ones break up the molecules in hair, which eventually leads to hair loss.

But, here’s where it gets better, the ingredients that are used in a vegetable hair dye are natural and made out of flowers, leaves and fruits. Unlike regular hair dyes which make your hair brittle and harsh, these condition your hair making it soft and shiny.

However, the one disadvantage vegetable hair dye has is it’s not permanent and it fades away after 8-10 hair washes.  

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