Will ‘Kabali’ force ‘USS Starship – Enterprise’ to bite the dust?

Image courtesy: Facebook

Hollywood sci-fi franchise Star Trek and Rajinikanth are indeed two titans which have unfathomed fandom around the globe.

And it most certainly will be a clash of the titans when Rajnikanth’s latest flick – ‘Kabali’ and Star Trek’s latest  in the franchise – ‘Beyond’ will release in Indian silver screens.

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However, with ‘Kabali fever’ engulfing the country in large scales, it looks like the Star Trek team in India has gone a bit nervous.

Image courtesy: Facebook
Image courtesy: Facebook

In a bid to avoid any threat to the Starship Enterprise poised to make a decently flyby over India, the promoters of Star Trek have released a customized  poster the USS Enterprise with Mumbai’s iconic landmarks like the Gateway of India and The Taj Hotel in the the background.

Reportedly the promoters are also undertaking ‘spaceship activation’ by stationing a huge remote-controlled ‘spaceship’ at a mall in Mumbai in a bid to give maximum promotion to Star Trek Beyond.

Meanwhile, ‘Trekkies’ (as the Star Trek fans call themselves) and Rajinikanth fans have decided to battle it out social media too.

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