You will soon be able to watch 3D moves in theatres without glasses

Image Courtesy: 3dvision

Watching 3d movies aren’t entirely best experience currently. Mostly because of those annoying  3d glasses – they are uncomfortable and cut off the reality-factor to a great extent. But, what if you don’t need one any more? What if you sat in a movie hall and the screen came alive?

A group of MIT scientists have developed a futuristic screen technology that may allow you to watch 3D movies without glasses. Called as “Cinema 3D”, the technology uses set of lenses and mirrors to enable users to experience 3d right from the screen.

‘Existing approaches to glasses-free 3D require screens whose resolution requirements are so enormous that they are completely impractical,’ said Wojciech Matusik, professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

‘This is the first technical approach that allows for glasses-free 3D on a large scale,’ he said.

Cinema 3D works on the logic that people who sit in theaters move their heads only move over a small angle, limited by by the width of their seat.  The narrow angle enables the technology to reproduce high quality imagery to every seat in the hall.

The technology uses a series of mirrors and lenses within it’s special optics system to produce tailor made imagery to every person sitting in the movie hall.

The researchers say that the current prototype is still not market ready,  but are optimistic the future versions could be used in movie halls across the world.

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