10 things you should never say to shopaholics

Image source: visituzbekistan.travel

Hail, thunder or storm. Let the economy fall into doldrums. The cards may be maxed. Beg, borrow, steal. Shopaholics always have a way to pick up what they want, when they want and the way they want. Period.

So, non-shopaholics, save your breath and your self-respect, when dealing with someone whose entire existence revolves around a good buy.

Here are 10 things you should NEVER say to the compulsive splurger.

1. “You’re obsessed with shopping.”

OMG! You never tell a shopaholic that, never ever! Who in their right mind would want to incur the wrath that comes next? Never, ever tell your shopaholic friend that they have an ‘obsession’. Never!

2. “I am sorry, but your card is maxed.”

Image source: easiestcreditcard.net
Image source: easiestcreditcard.net

Every true-blue shopaholic will already have called their bank at least thrice before heading out to shop — no one wants to have their hands full of shopping bags and then be told their card is maxed. It just never happens!

3. “Do you really need all that stuff?”

“If I want it, I will buy it. No questions asked.” Really, don’t interrogate shopaholics.

4. “Didn’t you just buy the same dress a week ago?”

Image source: athensscene.com
Image source: athensscene.com

How would you, a non-shopaholic, know the pleasures of having two of the same kind? Maybe one has something better than the other. How do you know? Just mind your own business, please.

5. “The delivery van cannot find your address.”

Seriously, you’ve penned down the address in BOLD letters, and the delivery van cannot find your home address? Ridiculous!

6. “No cards please. Cash only.”

Image source: hellogiggles.com
Image source: hellogiggles.com

Oh Lordy, Lord! Which age do you live in – shopaholics love their plastic cards. ‘No cards please’ is not an option for you when you run a business if you want frequent visits from shopaholics.

7. “Super savings accounts.”

You’ve heard of the health account, the automobile account, the insurance account and even the humble savings account. Shopaholics have a ‘super savings account’ – no prizes for guessing what it is — and don’t even ask them why.

8. “You’re such a spendthrift.”

Image source: financialloop.com
Image source: financialloop.com

Duh! Shopaholics know what they want, they shop for the right things, they know how to spend their money, and love doing what they do. So, which of their bills are you paying to pass judgment.

9. “Can we shop for this sometime else?”

Where’s the Swiss Knife? Where, where, where? You do not love your friend enough, do you? Proof enough you don’t or else you’d wait that extra five minutes so she can pick up what they saw!

10. “Black Friday and Cyber Monday are cheap marketing gimmicks. They should be banned.”

Image source: jrn.com
Image source: jrn.com

Let’s just say this: If you ever utter those words to a shopaholic, be prepared to be disowned.