Five places nobody told you that you can get acne. Here’s how to deal with it

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Acnes are those red monsters, which we all loathe. They pop on the worst of times on our faces, and we manage it somehow. But what’s worse is when these round, perky creatures appear in the weirdest of body parts. Not only they are super embarrassing, ugly to look at, irritating and troublesome, but damn they are highly uncomfortable too!

We reveal 5 such weird places on your body where you can get acne and how to deal with these pesky demons.

1. On Your Butts

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Pimples on butts are the saddest and most painful. If you tend to park yourself at one place for long (like really long) hours, or maintain poor hygiene then you might just have one. This is because the skin on your derriere is thick and has more layers when compared to other parts of your body, breakouts like pimples tend to happen. You can deal with pimples on your butts by:

• Try and not to sit at one place for a ling time. Take a break in every 15-30 minutes and let the blood circulate.
• Always remember to exfoliate your skin once a month to de-congest your pores, which will allow your skin to breathe. Scrubbing is a great way to prevent future breakouts.
• Wear underwear made of natural fabrics, such as cotton. If you feel a zit is budding, avoid wearing panty for a night, if possible for a day, to enhance the blood and air circulation.

2. On Your Scalp

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Even though having a pimple on scalp happens to 1 in 10 people, but yes it is possible! Zit in your scalp can be quite a painful surprise and can happen because of overworked sebaceous glands. How to deal with it?

• Wash your scalp periodically with a good quality shampoo and conditioner.
• You can also use a home remedy to keep scalp pimples at bay. All you have to do is mix a tablespoon of vinegar with water and pour it all over scalp and then wash your hair with water. This remedy will help you revitalize the keratin layer of the hair, maintaining of pH balance of your skin.
• If the situation worsens, and you get a bunch of zits on scalp, we suggest you go see a dermatologist and get hold of a few medicated creams, soaps, lotions, and gels.

3. Underarm Bumps

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Getting an underarm bump is quite common among us ladies and might happen because of wrong usage of razor, wrong choice of products and poor hygiene. Here’s how to deal with underarm bump:

• Pimples in underarm area are usually caused when you shave off a new string of hair budding, which apparently gets wedged in the follicles. In such a case, let the hair grow back naturally and keep off from razor till the time the bump goes away.
• Give extra attention to cleaning your underarms with precision. Getting a hold on underarm hygiene helps in keep zit-forming bacterias at bay.
• In order to reduce the redness and inflammation of an oversized zit, it is recommended that you make use of an ice pack. But make sure you are wrapping the ice pack in a damp cloth before pressing in on the affected bump. Keep on applying for over 5-10 minutes and voila the bump will go away within a few sitting.

4. On the Lips

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Pimples on the lips are the last thing on earth a girl would want. Not only are they unbearable to look at, but you also run the chances of accidentally biting the blister. Reasons why you get acnes on your lips are excessive release of acids and sweat, hormonal imbalance, lack of balanced diet, oily skin and excessive release of acids. Deal with these ugly monsters on lips by:

• You might be using an infected lip balm. Your lip balm could be way past the expiry date and could have microscopic germs stuck on it, which is directly infecting your lips.
• Always make it a point to clean your mouth, inside out, after eating or drinking anything, as it might be one of the prime reasons what bacteria feeds on.
• After brushing your teeth, always make it a point to lightly brush your lips with water. This activity will help keep germs at bay and will make your lips look pink in health always.

5. In Your Pubic Area

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Getting a genital acne is quite common as the pubic area is susceptible to collecting heat and sweat by virtue of being completely covered all day long. It is when the sweat glands around the pubic area gets clogged that infections might take place. How to deal with pubic are zit? Here’s how:

• Instead of using fragrant shower gels and soaps to clean off the area, make use of plain cold water. At times, chemicals in the bars or liquid soaps is the main reason why your sensitive area is getting irritated.
• Wear underwear that are made our of natural fabrics, which allow your skin to breathe. We highly recommend cotton panties.
• Avoid eating oily and greasy foods as they tend to contribute to the breakout. Eat tons of green veggies as they help in naturally purifying the skin and blood.