5 reasons why we absolutely love Delhi


For those who have been living in Delhi, the city is more than just a capital. It is a way of life with the perfect blend of highs and lows. The rich history, the variety of food, fashion, the people and so much more – there city has a lot to love.

But for those who haven’t been around here, here are the 5 things that made the Delhiites fall in love with the city in the first place:

1. Easy travelling

If you are someone who just doesn’t like to drive in traffic, try the metro. After all, it is listed as one of the most effective, organised means of transport across the world! Apart from the fact that it connects almost every part of the city with the other, it is so affordable that no one really minds the crowd.

2. Shopper’s paradise

From some of the best flea markets in India, to the poshest of malls, Delhi has got it all. So whether you’re on a budget or are up for some serious indulgence, the city guarantees an unlimited fun shopping experience!

Delhi shopping
Delhi shopping

3. Foodie’s heaven

If you’re in Delhi and you’re a foodie, you’re in luck! Be it the roadside yummy golgappas, momo shacks, parathe or any of the cuisines you prefer, the city has it all.  And the best part, there is absolutely no part of Delhi that doesn’t have street food to offer – all at super pocket friendly costs.

4. Delhi University Swag

Delhi is also known to have one of the biggest and the ‘coolest’ universities in India – Delhi University. And the popularity is for a reason. It is not just the stupendous colleges and campuses, but also the students from all parts of India that make it ‘cool’. You get to meet and learn from people of different cultures, and have fun at the same time.

5. Big Fat Indian Weddings

Delhi - food
Delhi – food

Believe it or not, most dream weddings in India are held in Delhi. The reason? Because the city has some of the best hotels spread across NCR and also lush gardens – that are absolute favourite amongst families. And it’s the only place you’ll probably see the groom riding on a white horse for a considerable distance, with his friends dancing on the vaguest of tunes. Yes, we love Delhi for the absolute crazy weddings it plays host to!

After all, Saddi dilli yuhi nai bolte!

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