500 Domino’s Pizza outlets to turn vegetarian during Navratri

Image courtesy: Twitter.com

Come Navratri and fans of Domino’s Pizza in India will have to temporarily bid goodbye to the delicious chicken and pepperoni toppings. Domino’s Pizza is going to turn more than half of its outlets across the country into all-vegetarian, during the auspicious Navratri festival in October.

Starting on October 1, for the next nine days, Domino’s will serve only vegetarian pizzas in all their major outlets in North and Central India, to mark more sales during the Navratri period. What’s more! The outlets will also use special ‘upwas’ rock salt instead of regular salt to cater to the needs of pizza lovers who are fasting during that period.

The special Navratri menu will also make way for pizza dough made from singhara atta (water chestnut flour), sabudana crispies and dumplings, and cheese and sauces made with rock salt. All meat, garlic and onion ingredients will be given a miss in this special menu.

The Indian unit of the US-based pizza company runs over 1000 outlets in the country. With 500 outlets turning vegetarian for the festival, this is an unprecedented, major move on behalf of a food company in the country.

This happens only in India, doesn’t it!

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