7 simple food habits that can change your life

Image Courtesy: playbuzz.com

Our hectic lives often leads us stop paying attention towards the way we are consuming food. Little do we realize that our lives can be lot better by just changing a few of our food habits . Here are seven simple food habits you consciously need to change in order to make your life better.

Using natural sugar over added sugar

The sugar that we normally use is simply empty calories with zero nutrition value. A better alternative would easily be Jaggery or honey which are scientifically proven to have health benefits. For example, honey consumed with warm water helps you reduce weight and also makes you alert. Jaggery is natural remedy against cold, cough and also helps in digestion, among other things.

Don’t stuff yourself

It is not the best of idea to eat until you are full. Studies have shown that a human brain works at an optimal level when the stomach is empty. When your stomach is empty,  it releases a enzyme called ghrelin which lets your brain know that it is hungry. This hormone also stimulates hippocampus of your brain, which is mainly responsible for learning and memory.

Eat according to season

We usually tend to eat anything and everything any time, but your body needs different things for different climates. Summers should be accompanied by cooling foods such as cucumber, beetroot, pumpkin and your winter diets should include heating foods such as sesame seeds or wheat. Maintaining this balance in the diet will allow your body to adapt to the climatic conditions.

Break the habit of coffee and tea

Yes, Coffee and tea can temporarily bring the energy levels of the body up, after which it comes crashing down. Therefore, making them a regular habit will eventually have a negative effect on your stamina.

Don’t sleep after eating

After eating, you have to wait at least two hours before you go to sleep. Undigested food can exert pressure on your organs. Also, a large portion of the food that you have eaten can go undigested when you are sleeping and this can lead to a distressed sleep.

Avoid regular consumption of Non-veg food

The fact about non-veg is, when animals are about to be slaughtered, they are aware that they are going to die, which makes them release certain chemicals in their bodies that are bad for our systems. Besides, meat takes a long time to digest and it is often contemplated that it starts rotting within your system, before it has been completely digested.

Your diet needs to contain raw plant based foods

A lot of the nutrients in the  food are lost when they are cooked. Try including raw foods like fruits, radish, cucumber, among others which can be consumed in their raw state. Studies have shown that people who follow this kind of diet live longer.