A guide for your best friend’s summer wedding!

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As the big day draws closer, the bride is probably going all bridezilla on her fiance and the rest of the unfortunate clan. But you, the bride’s best friend, too are going through a lot . . . aren’t you? You thought the biggest hurdle would be to get your boss’ approval for a week’s absence, but now that the wedding day is close, you’ve got to plan so much more—your clothes, your make-up . . . that never-ending list.

Image courtesy: Vogue

You can’t look terrible at her wedding—the bride wont have it and lets not forget it’s a summer wedding! So, if you’ve got plan A, then you’ll need plan B too especially because the sun is being merciless at the time of the year.

Let’s make it a little easier for you.

3 things that matter the most: hair, face and what you wear. You can really fake the rest.

Image courtesy: Vogue


1. Deep Conditioning—curly or straight

Get into this routine at least a month before. Stay away from hot stuff (irons, blow-dryers, etc.) that could potentially ruin your hair’s texture. The idea is to let it fall naturally. The bride will have a herd of stylists making up for her craziness but what about you (in case you’re planning to hit on her husband’s friends)? Deep condition every second day for a month.

And for the big day, keep handy an anti-frizz leave-in conditioner and a hair serum—especially during the summer—to keep your hair intact.

L’Oreal Professionnel Smooth Liss Control +
Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Spray Conditioner
L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Oil Replacement Cream


Try this face mask to avoid dehydrated and dull skin during summer. Get into this routine too at least a month before. As VOGUE recommends: Make a puree of cucumber and ripe papaya. Add a spoon of honey. Refrigerate for an hour until it turns into a thick setting mask. Apply for 10 minutes and rinse. Cucumber is made up mostly of water, and also contains Vitamin C and caffeic acid that helps to soothe irritations and reduce swelling. Cucumber juice is also a source of silica that works to improve the connective tissue in the skin and naturally hydrate it. Papaya has papain which is an antioxidant.

During the wedding week, avoid too much make-up—because all that pancake would have melted even before you’ve greeted the guests! It’s a summer wedding! So, let’s keep it minimal. The mask would’ve made your skin less dry. Now, keep it hydrated with a face mist. A product we would suggest is:

Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Pure Rosewater

You can buy this product at nykaa.com. Make sure your eyebrows are done at all times. They shape your face immensely. Keep applying chapstick for soft lips. We suggest:

SPF protected chapstick

And if you really want to apply make-up, stay away from foundation. Go big on eye make-up and stress on your eyelashes—use waterproof mascara. You could even use fake eyelashes to make your eyes stand out.


If you haven’t stuck to any kind of diet for whatever reasons, it’s okay. Use the month before to only concentrate on greens, raw fruits and vegetables. It’ll help you feel light, energetic and get rid of the toxins in your body. Also indulge in light yoga or running to fit into your wedding celebration clothes. What you wear makes a lot of difference too. Figure out a colour palette that you would like to wear throughout the week. We suggest you choose contemporary pieces with a lot of prints, pastels, cuts and embellishments. Here . . . show these to your tailor!


Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop


Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop


Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop


Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop


Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop
Image courtesy: Pernia’s pop up shop


All the best and stay fresh!

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