A man from China gifts 8 iPhone 7s to his dog

Image Courtesy: indianexpress

While most of us cannot even afford a single  iPhone 7, a man from China gifted 8 of these ridiculously expensive devices to his dog. Yes, not to himself, but to his Alaskan malamute called Coco.

The man identified as Wang Sicong is the son of China’s billionaire Wang Jianlin whose estimated net worth is $30 billion.

The photo of the dog posing along with the phones was posted on its verified Weibo account with the caption “I don’t understand all the show-off posts on (social media) What’s the point? Don’t make me do it?” Yup, the dog has its own Weibo account!

While the man is being criticized for his obnoxious behavior, his father seems to blame it on his western schooling.

This is not the first time the dog was treated with such expensive gifts. Back in 2015, Sicong gifted two apple watches to his dog and posted pictures of it on social media. The watches roughly cost 25k back then.