Angry audience ask for refund after Bobby Deol’s disappointing DJ act

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Remember we told you sometime ago about Bobby Deol’s new outing as a DJ in a popular nightclub in Delhi? Well, people in Delhi got super excited on hearing that the younger Deol would be spinning the disc for them for once, and the tickets to his event sold out well in advance.

However, the DJ night with the 49-year old actor turned out to be a huge disappointment for everyone present. Reportedly, Bobby kicked off his act by playing the signature track from his superhit movie Gupt and kept playing the song on loop throughout the night, much to the audience’s annoyance.

And from what we hear, many persons from the angry crowd approached the event organizers and the hotel staff for a refund. The price of the tickets added to the furore, which were between Rs.2,500 – Rs.4,000.

Bobby had already left the venue by the time the crowd started getting angry and demanding their money back. Sadly, it looks like his comeback as a DJ was worse than his stint in Bollywood.

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