Beware! You may get fined for not wearing a helmet in your car!

Image Courtesy : Facebook

Many of you may wonder why a person would wear helmet in car unless they are in the F1 or the WRC—well, we are with you. The Bengaluru traffic police fined the second person in two months for not wearing a helmet in the car.

According to the reports in The New Indian Express, the High Grounds traffic police issued a notice to BJP spokesperson Prakash S which said that Prakash’s friend who was with him in the car hadn’t worn a helmet. What’s funnier is that Prakash claims to have driven alone in the city the whole day.

Even big names weren’t spared from this ticketing madness. Ministry of defense’s spokesperson M S Patil was reportedly sent a ticket to pay a fine of Rs 100 for riding the bike without a helmet. Unfortunately, Mr Patil does not ride a bike and owns an abandoned silver Matiz car. There goes the fine.

After this, we suggest you keep a couple of helmets in your car too—just in case.   

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