Bihar: Lord Hanuman summoned to court

What? Go to court? Image courtesy:

Being a God is no excuse for encroachment. Everybody from roadside hawkers to land mafia dons might get away with it – but it certainly doesn’t seem too difficult to hold a deity accountable. In fact, giving in to the enthusiasm to mete out justice, the deity in question has also been issued a court summons – which was duly delivered and pasted on the idol. Being the biggest disciple of Sri Rama – the upholder of Dharma, Lord Hanuman now is left with no choice but to turn up at court for the hearing. One begins to wonder if that would be a good time to go ask for blessings. After all, how often would you be able to see a God up close and personal? On second thoughts, it is highly likely he might not be in a good mood – being on the wrong side of the law and all that.

The Rohtas district in Bihar is where you need to be to watch this drama unfold. Bihar is no stranger to such cases, and neither is Lord Hanuman. The two parties had locked horns earlier this month as well, regarding a roadside temple in the Begusarai district. However, in that instance, protesting Bajran Dal workers intervened on his behalf, and ensured that the notice wasn’t followed up on.

In this case the complaint has been filed by the local PWD, which wants the court to help in removal of the Panchamukhi Hanuman temple in Dehri-on-Sone that is causing obstruction to traffic. The Sub-Divisional magistrate patiently heard the case, and immediately ordered that the God be asked to appear in court. Diligent district officials printed the order and proceeded to paste it on the idol of the Lord himself, in case he failed to hear about the hearing.

Dal workers have already taken offence and demanded immediate withdrawal of the notice, roads be damned. One wonders why such incidents unfold, when the outcome is know well in advance. But then, justice has to be served. Well, at least the summons, if not anything else.

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