Chocolate cake for breakfast could be the best way to reduce weight

Image Courtesy: Good Housekeeping

Chocolate cakes look delicious, but you might be thinking twice before eating them frequently, especially when you are trying to cut down weight. However, here’s some good news – according to a new study, indulging in chocolate cake for breakfast can be the best thing you could do to lose weight.

Yup, Eating chocolate cake reduces craving by tricking the brain into thinking it’s getting a lot of sugar, while you actually aren’t. According to the study Tel Aviv University, it is advisable to eat chocolate cake during the morning, as your body’s metabolism is the most active at this time.

Before you go on belting cake, you need to realize a regular chocolate cake also contains lot of sugar, which can be damaging to your health. Therefore it is best that you get one of those sugarless ones.

Another study carried out by Syracuse University, finds that dark chocolate enhances cognitive function – abstract  reasoning, memory, focus.

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