Customer asks for Kentucky Fried Chicken and is served Kentucky fried rat instead!

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Devorise Dixon asked KFC for their most well-known item on the menu and they messed up bigtime. A branch on Wilmington and 120th in Compton, California, served what, (you can see below), looks like a nicely breaded rat shaped thing. When Dixon went to conform what it was after having a bite(unfortunately), the manager confirmed that it was indeed a rat!

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What is happening to fast food chain these days? God knows what other ‘creature’ is in store for which of us! Many, after this incident have shared Dixon’s Facebook post and video and also vowed never to enter a KFC outlet again.

KFC on its behalf has done nothing more than reply to a tweet with “….the allegations are not true.”

Well, it sure looks like the food chain will soon find itself in need to express a lot more than this, considering the ears this incident is reaching.

Guys, ‘pry’ before you bite!

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