Drunk passenger urinates on aisle of Air India Dreamliner

Image Courtesy: Facebook

Drunk Indian passengers misbehaving on flight is nothing new to a frequent traveler or the cabin crew.

This time it has reached new heights when a man on board the Air India Boeing 737 dreamliner flight to Birmingham decided to urinate on the aisle of the plane exposing his bottom back to the horrified passengers.

Jinu Abraham, 39, was detained on January 19 for misbehaving on board. He was later handed over to police upon landing in Birmingham.

He was fined GBP 300 by the Birmingham Crown court in addition to GBP 500 as compensation, a victim surcharge of GBP 30 and GBP 185 in costs.

Abraham who boarded with the flight with his 10 year old son, reportedly works with the National Health Service (NHS) of United Kingdom.

“About 40 minutes prior to landing he removed his trousers and stood in the aisle. He pulled down his boxer shorts, exposing his buttocks and then began urinating on the floor and seat of the aircraft,” John Cardiff, the prosecuting lawyer was quoted speaking in the court.

Abraham also told The Birmingham mail that he could not remember anything from the incident during the flight.

Abrham’s lawyer claimed that his client was on anti-depressant medication and was nervous of flying without his medication which he misplaced in the baggage at the airport. The lawyer also claimed that Abraham was shocked when he came to know of his actions and agreed that it must have been frightening for other passengers on board.

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