Dare to look good? Try these 8 bizarre beauty treatments

Eight bizarre beauty treatments

Don’t we want to look stunning, young and beautiful at all times? While most of us follow regular beauty routines, there are a few people who are willing to take their desire for healthy and glowing skin to an extreme level. From snail secretion massages to snake venom facials, here’s a list of eight of the most bizarre beauty treatments across the world.

1. Vampire facelifts

Have you had the Kim Kardashian vampire facial yet? If you think some exotic creams are used, you’re in for a shocker; in fact, you may just be left in a bloody mess! This spooky-sounding treatment involves injection of a substance acquired from the person’s own blood back into the areas where treatment is sought. This bizarre treatment is known to treat wrinkles and provide a natural facelift.

Snail serum is used as the main ingredient in many beauty products
Snail serum is used as the main ingredient in many beauty products. (Image courtesy: ctvnews.ca)

2. Snail secretion skin cream

Relating snails to beauty treatments seems far-fetched. But snails aren’t considered creepy any more! In recent times, snail serum has gained popularity as the main ingredient in several beauty products. The cream is said to reduce facial lines and improve overall skin complexion.

3. Geisha nightingale excrement facials

Does this sound like a fancy beauty treatment? Think twice, as the main ingredient in this is dried bird droppings! A unique treatment that originated in Japan, the process involves applying a mask made of dried bird droppings, rice bran and water. The reward: clear and glowing skin! This treatment is the latest fad in New York, and can set you back by up to a whopping USD 180.

Image source: bellaesthetic.com
Placenta facials improve the tissue regeneration process. (Image courtesy: bellaesthetic.com)

4. Placenta facials

Made from sheep placenta protein extract, the face cream used for this facial is said to improve the tissue regeneration process and also boost collagen production, thus leaving a long-lasting moisturising effect on the face. Eva Longoria and pop star Madonna are believed to be fans of this bizarre beauty treatment.

5. Snake venom facials

Is snake venom the latest fix for wrinkles? Several popular claims suggest that the use of snake venom cream leaves a gentle paralyzing effect, similar to a snake bite, that eventually tightens out fine facial lines. Hollywood stars Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow support this anti-aging beauty treatment.

Snake Venom is said to tighten fine lines. (Image source © macleans.ca)
Snake Venom is said to tighten fine lines. (Image source © macleans.ca)

6. Leech therapy

If you thought leeches are useless bloodsucking creatures,  think again. The use of leeches as an anti-aging beauty treatment is on the rise. Celebrities like Demi Moore vouch for this therapy, which supposedly leaves the person rejuvenated. In this method, leeches are left on the skin for a couple of hours so that their enzymes enter the bloodstream. A popular claim is that this method improves blood circulation and also completely detoxifies you.

7. Fish pedicures

This form of pedicure has rapidly gained popularity the world over. A person dips his/her feet in a tank filled with carp that nibble away the dead skin on the feet. Despite the widespread popularity of this pedicure, there are those who fear that it may lead to infections.

People fear that fish pedicure could lead to infection. (Image courtesy: whitesofwexford.ie)
People fear that fish pedicures could lead to infections. (Image courtesy: whitesofwexford.ie)

8. Bull semen in hair conditioner

If you think you’ve read enough about bizarre beauty treatments, wait till you finish reading this. In Knightsbridge, London, a hairdresser is making use of organically produced bull semen as part of a deluxe hair conditioning treatment. According to the salon owner, the semen is refrigerated to eliminate the foul smell.