Google Chrome: 11 must-have extensions to transform your browser

Already a fan of Google Chrome? We give you 11 extensions that will make your browser go from great to awesome. Read on.

  1. Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus

Let us begin with Adblock Plus – the Chrome extension that blocks annoying ads such as popups, autoplay-sound ads, overlay ads, webmail ads, Facebook ads and others. Moreover, this extension blocks malware domains, removes pop-up social media buttons and disables tracking of your browsing activities. Upon installing, the icon that sits next to your search bar shows the blocked ads.

2. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary
Google Dictionary

Referring to a dictionary every time you encounter an unknown term online is tedious. However, with Google Dictionary extension, it has become quite easy. Once you install the extension, just a double on a term will open a popup to show the meaning.

3. Streamus – YouTube as Music Player


While working on computer or while doing domestic chores – we often use YouTube for listening to music. However, we cannot cue several videos as a playlist. With  Streamus, it is possible to add a number of videos into a playlist and play them together. After installing this extension, click on the icon and a popup shows up. There, you can explore YouTube for music and create your own playlists.

4. StumbleUpon – Best of the Web


StumbleUpon discovers the best content from the web for you, and with its Chrome extension, it has become easier. After installing the extension, an icon sits next to your search bar. Every time you click this icon, a fresh content page opens up. The icon lets you like and share the content.

5. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is the best note-taking app out there. As a Chrome extension, Evernote Web Clipper allows you to clip images, selected text, webpages or PDF files into your Evernote account. After installing it, just right-click on an image or text, a pop-up prompts you to move content to your Evernote account. For this, you need to have an Evernote account, and should be logged in to use it.

6. Pocket – save to read later


The Pocket extension lets you save content for reading afterwards. After installing this extension, right click on an article and send it to your Pocket account. Later, you can read the article on your smartphone app. Do try the Pocket – you will enjoy it.

7. Pushbullet – Push media/text to mobile


Pushbullet extension lets you push links, photos and selected text between your devices. What is more, you will get notifications about your smartphone activities, phone calls and messages. With this extension, you will never miss a phone call.

8. TickTick – Todo & Task List


If you are using TickTick, a minimalistic task management app on your smartphone, it will make it easy for you to add your to-do lists from your desktop. This cross platform app helps you to manage tasks on iOS, Android and Chrome. Moreover, your tasks are backed up on

9. Chime


Chime extension captures notifications from popular services you have logged into and puts them at one place. Notifications from Facebook, Reddit, Gmail, Flickr, Twitter and other services are available for you to see at one place. After installing, Chime extension discovers all the services you are logged on to and starts tracking them.

10. Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights

This  extension comes handy when you are watching online videos. After installation, click on the lamp button and the entire page will turn dark, hiding the distracting content and showing only the video you are watching. Click again on the button and you are back!

11. Google Translate

Google Translate

One extension and you can read anything on web in your own language. Isn’t that really cool? Google Translate extension lets you translate web pages into any of the ninety languages supported. There is option to translate a selected part or the whole page. Try this cool  extension.