Google has finally become an adult and celebrates it with a doodle

Image Courtesy: Google

Google just turned 18 today. Yup, the world’s favorite search engine has matured into adult today and what better way to celebrate it , than with a Google Doodle.

The adorable doodle shows the letter G trying to inflate a balloon. But, when it finally manages to do it, the balloon drags G into the air.

It was 1998, when the company was founded Page and Sergey. However, Google is not really sure about its exact date of its birth. According to the report by telegraph, the company has been celebrating its birthday on September 27, since 2006. However, a year before that it was on September 26.

In 2004, Google celebrated its 6th birthday with a doodle on Sep 7 and on Sep 8 in the year before that.

Google is now sticking to Sep 27, probably because it was the first birthday doodle used in the year 2002.

Perhaps, when you are building one of world’s most successful companies, getting your birthday right, is the last thing on your mind.  

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