Gujarat minister presents roses to people caught defecating in open!

Image courtesy: Indian Express

Envisioning a cleaner Bharat for all citizens by 2019, PM Narendra Modi had launched Swacch Bharat Abhiyan in 2014.  But even after two years it looks like the ‘Abhiyan’ has hardly made any progress.

It is learned that more than half of the population of our country, especially some from the rural population simply choose to do the business in the open. That is, despite the presence of fully functional toilets!

So is it the lack of toilet the real problem that slows the project? Anyhow, no matter what may be the cause, turns out that Gujarat administration devised a fresh and unique solution.

Gujarat Panchayat Minister Jayanti Kavadiya decided to go on a field inspection. He gifted roses to all those defecating in open and requested them to not repeat the deed in future.

According to The Indian Express, only 141 out of 4,041 cities and less than one sixth of the total 6.08 lakh villages have been declared as open-defecation free. And so far Kerala is the first and only state that will declare itself as an open-defecation free state by November this year.

Let us hope that this unique campaign by Gujarat government will help get rid of the shame.

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