Historical eateries in Delhi you must visit!

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There’s been an explosion of sorts lately in Delhi with regard to new eateries and foodies are having a hard time deciding where to binge.

You could miss the new joints and head to the older ones—let’s not forget that Delhi has quite a few of those! Let’s help you out, then! Here’s this week’s go-to list of historical eateries that a ‘real’ foodie would appreciate.


A favourite among Delhi residents, many would swear by the authenticity and quality of the food served here. Especially for the non-vegetarians, Karim’s is THE place to go to for a tummy full of yummy!

Now, there are a dozen Karim’s that have opened up across the country, but you need to be in Delhi to relish the original taste. Delicacies straight from the kitchens of Bahadur Shah Zafar is exactly what you need for your hunger pangs!

Indian Coffee House

This place is pretty popular amongst university students and working professionals. And the reason for it isn’t too surprising! Being one of the oldest coffee houses in and around Delhi, this place has a reputation for serving only what is best—and everything at really pocket friendly prices.

Not to forget, the pakoras that you can order alongside are as yummy! The vintage furnitures, the posters and decor, and the Nehru caps donned by the waiters, all take you back in time. How simple life really was back then . . . sigh.

The Embassy’s ‘Kwality’

The Embassy was established in 1948 and yet they’ve never compromised on quality. They offer several delicacies including Dal Gosht, Chicken Stroganoff and Tomato Fish. So, if you’re craving a perfect meal, head to Kwality!

Moti Mahal

Have you ever wondered where the famous Butter Chicken came from? We aren’t 100% sure, but the food enthusiasts tell us that it all began here!

There are several rip-offs with the same name that exist. But to experience the real deal, head to the one in Daryaganj that established in 1947.


Located beside ITC Maurya Hotel, Bukhara is famous worldwide for its delicious kebabs, marinated meats and the lentil dal. It was established in 1977 and has since served some of the best Indian meals.

Paranthe Wali Gali

Some of the most delicious secrets are hidden here. You may know that Chandni Chowk is home to legendary ‘parantha’ shops—the  first of which was established in 1872!

Nothing like the age-old secret ingredients and mysteriously magical food recipes, eh?

Where are you headed this week? We’re starting with our all-time favourite, Moti Mahal!

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