India’s first gay groom advertisement pays off: Harish Iyer finds his ‘attainable boy’!

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Equal rights and LGBT activist Harish Iyer might have found his soulmate!

In early May, his mother Padma Vishwanath placed an ad for a groom in a matrimonial, seeking applicants who were “25-40, well placed, animal-loving, vegetarian and preferably Iyer.”

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The responses weren’t lacking with people from different communities (including Iyers and Muslims) responding. But one Iyer boy beat the rest by replying to the ad first and has not only gained entry into the Iyer household but has also passed all the TamBrahm groom-selection tests!

Harish’s family (except for his grandmother) is thrilled with the “attainable boy” but Harish’s mum has asked him to take some more time and spend quality time with the boy, to be sure they are compatible.

Harish Iyer is one of the most influential Human Rights activists and strives to bring justice to victims of abuse and inequality.

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Many newspapers refused to feature the original ad, before Mid-Day agreed to release it. This might be for ‘legal reasons’, as homosexuality still doesn’t enjoy lawful status in India.

But Harish is receiving accolades from friends all over the world for challenging status quo and taking an extra step to make same-sex marriages natural and possible.

Even if Harish likes the guy and chooses to marry him, the chances of the marriage being considered legal are doubtful.

But in any case, the first Indian gay groom is ready to roll!

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