Irked Pak hackers play Pakistani music through Jammu’s Air Traffic radios

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It looks like the cyber warriors of Pakistan are pretty irked by the recent cross-border developments and India’s surgical strikes “along LoC”.

On Monday, alleged Pakistani computer hackers defaced the website of National Green Tribunal (NGT) and posted anti-India comments.

Image courtesy: Scoopwhoop
Image courtesy: Scoopwhoop

Now hackers have broke into the radio frequencies of ATC in Jammu and ‘irritate’ pilots by playing Pakistani patriotic songs.

According to a report in The Times of India, hackers tap into the the frequency on which pilots communicate with Jammu air traffic control (ATC), block it and transmit Pakistani songs

Songs like ‘Dil, dil Pakistan, jaan jaan Pakistan‘ play out in the cockpits much to the irritation of pilots, reports The Times of India.

A pilot told the newspaper that it has become an ‘irritant’ as this happens the landing of flights.

Anyhow, pilots figured out a way around it. Pilots now communicate to an IAF channel operated from Udhampur. Subsequently the IAF unit calls up the Jammu Air Traffic Control on its landline for a new frequency for the pilots attempting landing.

Reportedly this is why Jammu ATC frequently change its frequencies.

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