Karnataka to export 10,000 tonnes of mangoes to the United States and Malaysia

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Karnataka is all set to export 10,000 tonnes of mangoes to the United Sates and Malaysia according to the Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation. The state currently exports 500 tonnes of mangoes to markets in European countries and Singapore.

According to M. Kamalakshi Rajanna, chairperson of the State Mango Development Corporation, the state is expected to produce 13 lakh tonnes of mangoes.

Innova Agri Biopark, Malur, will conduct a series of tests on the export varieties before they are shipped.

“The mangoes will be graded, sorted and dried. Then there would be a 48 degrees Celsius hot-water treatment followed by Ethylene ripening and packing,” said K. P. Venkatesh, senior manager at Innova Biopark.

According to Venkatesh, around 4,500 farmers registered with Innova Biopark in 2016 to export mangoes. 

Source: Hindu

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