Look who is going to show up in the Kerala skyline today

Image Courtesy: Facebook/ISS

Happy news to all star gazers and space enthusiasts in Kerala. NASA’s manned satellite – International Space Station (ISS) will appear on the skies above your abodes today.

People throughout Kerala will be able to see the ISS with naked eyes for a brief 6.26 minutes starting from 7.04 pm today. The station will approach in skyline from north-west direction and will depart through south-east direction.

Image Courtesy: http://iss.astroviewer.net/
Image Courtesy: http://iss.astroviewer.net/

ISS will be highly visible as it reflect a great amount of sunlight. It is enormity in size (110mx100mx30) will also render better viewing from earth.

After sun and moon, the most visible object in space is the ISS and hence it is relatively easier to distinguish it in night time.

If the skies are not clouded, ISS would be sighted distinctively.

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