Mallu power! Malayalees take on their finance minister who says he was short of personal finance

Image source: Facebook

While controversies surrounding Kerala’s liquor saga continue to rage unabated, director Aashiq Abu has taken on state finance minister K M Mani. A take which has become the rage in  Kerala.

The finance minister had allegedly taken Rs 1 crore from bar owners to renew their licenses and to ensure that their establishments remained open. This was when the phased ban on bars was looming.

Mani, apparently in a candid moment, let it fly that he took the money because of some “personal problems.” This “confession” by the finance minister of Kerala, far away from being destitute,  was enough for the famous understated  Malayalee  humour to go viral.

Director Aashiq, always been vocal about social issues, was quick to retort with a devastating tweet: “We should collect some more crores for poor ‘sir’, who is struggling to make ends meet. Here’s my share of Rs.500. #entevaka500″.

And #entevaka500 (my share Rs500) took off.


Image source: Facebook

The post went viral with the hashtag #entevaka500 (myshare500) registering 3, 000 likes and counting in no time. Meanwhile, tweets with the same hash tag is trending in Twitter too. Have a look!


Image source: Facebook