Microsoft’s Hololens to make Star Wars like hologram communication a reality

Image Courtesy: DNA

After star wars, we have all wondered on when holographic communication will become a reality. There was a great deal of expectation for the Chinese smartphone ‘Takee’, which was suppose to be the world’s first holographic phone, but that turned out be one giant gimmick more than anything else.

However, all hope is not lost because Microsoft may be bringing the dream to reality. Well sort of!  Hololens’s augmented reality headset has already been demonstrated by the company and it is incredible.

Now there is news that the company is working on a new  three-dimensional instant messaging application can enable star wars like communication.

The only backdraw is its only visible to the wearer of the headset. Regardless, the application will be using stereoscopic camera technology, coupled with cloud computing to generate a 3D model of the person you are talking to.

Although there is no info on when the commercial edition of the device will be made available, the development edition is out for sale at $3000.