Mummified body of German adventurer found in a yacht

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The mummified body of a German adventurer was found inside a yacht off the coast of Philippines. Local fishermen informed the authorities after they spotted a destroyed yacht near the coastal town of Barabo.

The authorities upon arrival discovered a mummified corpse of 59-year-old Manfred Fritz Bajorat.

Inspector Mark Navales said the cause of death was unclear, but there were no signs of foul play.

“It is still a mystery to us,” said Navales to the press, adding that it looked as though Bajorat was asleep when they found him.

It is uncertain as to how long Bajorat had been dead. The yacht was found on Thursday by the fishermen in the Philippine Sea, about 100 kilometres further from Barabo.

Items inside the yacht were scattered, according to Navales. The wallet of the deceased was not found in the yacht but the radio, GPS and other valuable items were recovered.

Image courtesy: Facebook
Photo retrieved from the yacht

The German adventurer was found dead near the radio of the ship which suggests that he tried to reach out to the outside world before his death.

Image courtesy: Facebook

He began his travels with his wife in 2008, but the couple subsequently split up. His wife later died of cancer.


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