Noni the ‘wonder fruit’ will help you live longer!

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Some people call Miranda Kerr as the most beautiful woman on the planet. But have you ever wondered how she maintains her beauty?

The Victoria’s Secret model credits ‘noni’ juice as the secret behind her good skin and general well-being. Besides having many health benefit, the Indian mulberry or ‘noni’ is a wonder fruit that is known to cure several ailments. A ripped noni has 165 beneficial compounds and is commonly sold in the form of juice.

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Here are a few reasons to include noni juice in your regular diet:

Master of Immunity

It is rich in anti-oxidants and has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities and helps boost immunity. It is used to cure infections and other ailments since time immemorial.

Secret to great skin

It has anti-ageing properties and is used to treat various skin conditions including acne, allergic reactions, skin burns and more. The juice can also be applied externally as an anti-fungal agent and even helps prevent hair loss.

Natural painkiller

It is also recommended to arthritis patients as it is believed to be as effective as certain analgesics.

Cure for cancer

It has cancer fighting compounds such as immunomodulatory polysaccharide and phytochemicals that stop the cancerous cells’ growth and drastically slow down or stop tumor growths. Naturally, it also reduces the risk of cancer.

Weight loss supplement

Several people have credited noni juice for their weight loss. It stimulates the production of nitric acid which reduces triglycerides stored in fat cells, thus reducing the weight of the fat cells.

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Goodbye Bad Stomach

It is also used to treat vomiting, gastric problems, stomach ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, food poisoning, dysentery, colic and irritable bowel syndrome.

Happy heart

It helps reduce bad cholesterol, regulates the blood pressure and enables better flow of blood in the arteries.

Brain tonic

It increases cerebral blood flow and thus improves memory.

Say no to depression

It stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin hormones that affect one’s mood and sleep. Reduced levels of seratonin causes depression and melatonin is necessary for sleep. It is also used to treat psychiatric disorder and brain damage.

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