Now you can have beer that tastes like a burger!

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Think of classic food combinations and one can picture rajma-chawal, chhole-bhatura, paratha and pickle, bacon and eggs, mac and cheese, hummus and pita or burger and beer! For all foodies, having one without the other is an absolute sin.

Now, think of the weirdest beer flavors you have ever heard of. We know about brews which are flavored like pizza, bacon, chocolate-peanut butter and coconut curry. Adding to these ‘foodilicious beers’ is one more flavor, which will make you think about your regular beer twice.

A burger chain in the US has come up with something, which combines one of these heavenly food pairings. At the Great American Beer Festival, they are going to introduce a burger-inspired beer in order to continue serving customers with unique beer brews. This specially-crafted brew will be served with their Banzai burgers, which is among the most popular burgers with customers.

Now you can have beer and burger in a single sip!

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