Season 6 of Game of Thrones—what to expect!

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As we eagerly wait for the season premier of season 6 of Game of Thrones on 24 April, we figured the fans could use a brush-up on what has happened so far and and understand what to expect. The following is the opinion of a true Game of Thrones (GOT) TV series fan (never having read George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series).

Please do not read if you:

• are a GOT ignoramus
• are still on season 1 (Buck up, seriously!)
• dislike mini-spoilers
• have read the books and watch the show simply to point out its flaws!
• dislike the abbreviation GOT

The brutality in GOT surpassed all odds when Stannis burnt his daughter alive in season 5. It wasn’t Olly stabbing Snow or Cersei walking naked or Ramsay raping Sansa. But we’re not surprised. We forget sometimes how George R. R. Martin (GRRM) is such a sadist and how he kills all the characters as soon as one begins to like them. We’re pretty sure season 6 will be as brutal as the earlier season—if not more.

You know nothing Jon Snow

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We all know what’s happening with Snow except for Snow. Just like the previous Starks, he chose to be blindsided, act indifferently and eventually was murdered by his own brothers. A fifth grader. We thought if Jon were to ever die it would be the best death on GOT. Yigrette’s (Jon’s ex-girlfriend who is dead) prophetic remark ‘You know nothing Jon Snow’ is quite apt. Being the Lord Commander, if you can easily fall prey to a cock and bull story and lies, then you seriously know nothing Jon. And that’s probably why you’re dead now.

Or not.

We’ll give you three words to validate our opinion:

– Ghost—his dire wolf

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– Melisandre—the red-haired witch who ruined Stannis’ life and who also has a crush on Jon

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– White Walkers

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Now you can build the stories in your head!

We might finally start liking Cersei!

After Cersei’s  merciless offspring King Joffrey choked on a pie in the previous season, she is unaware that her only daughter too is dead!

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Her lover and brother and father of her children Jamie Lannister is proving to be yet another useless addition to the show. Since he lost his hand, he’s lost a little of the plot too.

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She might be the only one to look forward to next season with her motives, her orders, her spies, her allies and her enemies paired with the masked fellow who picked her up after her walk of shame. We mean the Mountain duplicate. The girl will be on fire in the next season!

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But you never know! GRRM might kill her too.

Khaleesi, stop depending on your dragons. Your life is really complicated.

We were so excited about the possibility of watching Tyrion and Khaleesi work together at the end of the season.

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But then she went missing.

We also aren’t sure whether one of her dragons starved to death. The Dothrakis find her. Chances are that she will be abducted and force-fed another horse heart.

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Meanwhile, Jorah’s love for Khaleesi has not gone unnoticed. The fans are, in fact, waiting for Khaleesi to finally forgive Jorah and . . . ahem!

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The Couples 

This is our favorite part about GOT—new friendships.

Theon and Sansa—sort of related but not really!
Biologically speaking they are not related. He was fostered (let’s say) by Ned Stark. On the other hand, Sansa had never really found a man who truly loved her. We all saw how every bone in Theon’s body ached when Sansa was ruthlessly raped in front of him.

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They save each other at the end by jumping over the wall and that’s always the beginning of a great romantic story. Also, GOT is already sort of an incest pool. So, turning them into a couple would not be such a bad idea after all.

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Tyrion and Varys—Good cop, bad cop!
Who here is rooting for some bromance between Varys and Tyrion? We are! We are! Khaleesi is expected to chill with the Dothrakis for a while. She might even try and win them over to increase the size of her army. Meanwhile, Tyrion and Varys will win hearts in season 6. What happens when the spider meets the shrewd wordsmith . . . in a foreign land without the queen, dragons galore and an army large enough to start their own kingdom?

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Am I seriously blind now? 

Arya is now blind. And we’re blank! We are still unclear about the many-faced gods’ theory. The face changer (who holds copyright to Valar Moghulis) punished Arya after she killed the man she always wanted to kill. Did you watch the way she did it, though? Right in the eyes! But that’s why she lost her sight too. Arya, you still are our favourite character. That’s another weakness you’ve to turn into a strength in order to fight crime. Go Arya!

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Let’s just resurrect that sausage next season GRRM

Ramsay is a bad man. He reminds us of Joffrey. Hopefully Ramsay Bolton is left to die only with his sausage amongst the dire wolves in season 6. At least Theon mustered the courage to end Ramsay’s tyranny by killing his lover and jumping for his life. We assume that the differences between Tom and Jerry will continue even in the next season. But if we show Ramsay the sausage again, he could get distracted for a while.

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That being said, Melisandre and Ramsay should make babies.
We aren’t sure who the lesser of the two evils is. Melisandre seems too desperate. Maybe she’ll resurrect Jon Snow back to life only to be submissive. She should meet Ramsay. Enough said.

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Who is Bran, again?

Isn’t it high time GOT gives Bran back his legs for a little more screen time or at least gives his powers some meaning? We sometimes forget that the Starks have a lost crippled child somewhere on an ogre. We have seriously missed HODOR.

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Anyway, all we wish for all the Stark children who are alive is a sweet reunion and hug it all out for making it this far without their mummy and daddy. GRRM, please keep at least two alive for us to call it a reunion. Seriously, the Starks have been portrayed as dumb as the next dumb massacre—often inviting trouble only to get beheaded in the bargain. Or blindsided! Just keep it low Starks because we love y’all so much!

Stannis could be alive too—but dead with guilt for sure.

We would kill Brienne of Tarth any day. She’s just a good-for-nothing one-motive manly guard who is after the wrong guy. YOU NEED TO KILL MELISANDRE WOMAN, not Stannis. She produced that black monster that killed your King Renly.

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Stannis was always being toyed with. Melisandre left him too in the end. That desperate (for the lack of a better word) b****! Baratheons really has no say in the matter we’ve started to believe! Poor Stannis got pulled into the wrong plot and in turn lost his daughter and wife, and eventually got stabbed. Man, if someone was having a bad day, it was Stannis!

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The Brothers Grimm

What happened to The Hound during season 5? Where was he? We waited for him the entire season but he never showed up. Arya left him to die, but he wasn’t shown dead. Remember?

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Here is where the gravy thickens. Who was carrying Cersei you ask? The Mountain? But didn’t he die too? Who else can the gigantic man who serves the Lannisters be? Because we remember seeing Oberyn’s face smashed on the ground. The Mountain didn’t necessarily die. Or did he?

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So there’s a chance the two brothers could return.

The White Walker that stared-down Jon!

What we’re looking forward to the most are the white walkers and their awesomeness. Remember the epic fight between the white walkers and the night’s watch in the eighth episode? Or when the alpha male gave Jon one of the most bone-chilling stares that felt like an hour? And then how he dramatically brought all the dead people back to life? There was something there.

nights king rising
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Maybe that was the time when he foresaw Jon’s imminent fate. Maybe he comes looking for Jon only to find him dead and resurrects him. Maybe Jon will now have blue eyes. We don’t know!

But what we ARE sure of is that a lot of characters from different kingdoms and houses were separated and scattered. Expect a lot of new unclaimed and unexpected relationships. A lot of them may not make it to season 7. But that’s why we love it! More bloodshed. More brutality. More blindsides. More Game of Thrones.

Winter is finally coming. 

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